Evans Events January 2007

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January Updates

The new year has brought some changes to our lives.  The most significant being the addition of a daughter/sister/wife!  Jacob and Jenny were married on January fourth...details on "Robin's blog","Jacob and Jenny's Journeys" at the end of this page and photos on "Jacob and Jenny."   We have a very busy winter/spring planned with basketball, orchestra, music lessons.  I'm feeling a little like we're in over our heads...we usually keep outside activities to a minimun, but here we are...


Adin Tymothy is quite the little charmer.  He still has a smile for everyone.  He's a very good little boy, except for his occasional dirt bath in my potted plants and a toilet paper party if someone happens to leave the bathroom door open.  As with most of the Evans boys Adin's first and favorite word is ball.  He does have the same "word" for bottle, though...his other favorite thing to hold on to. Mama is his word for both Daddy and Mommy.  He gets so excited when his daddty gets home each day...as so all the little boys.



for certain where you would spend eternity if you died today?  That is a tough question.  God's Word can help you be sure of your answer

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Jaaron... he's potty trained!!! Yeah! He is cute and can be sweet, but quite honestly he's still a bit picky and whiney. Jaaron is Jenny's Jaar Bear (not quite sure how to spell that, but the two words rhyme) and he'll let you know just who's Jaar Bear he is. His "fravrite" song is "Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so" all said very quickly in one breath. Our favorite Jaaron line was said one night when we were in the van driving past a giant bunny statue in our town. Jaaron saw the bunny and said, "Hey, Big Bunny" and then replied in a slightly different voice said, "Hey big Jaaron."


What a funny boy! He entertains us all with his whit. One night after family devotions Bobby asked someone to pick a hymn to sing and Matthew blurted out "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer." Well we had a bit of trouble gaining our compsure and singing seriously that night. Matthew is a very active little guy and a bit hot-blooded, I think. Even in the middle of January it is not rare to see him without a shirt on. Just about every room in the house has a shirt he has shed at some time in the past few days. You see, he can never remember where he takes them off and gets a new one everytime he's told to get his shirt on.


Levi is playing Upward Basketball this year! He is so excited. We are all looking forward to watching his games. It should be quite entertaining. He got a new basketball for his birthday. (He turned seven years old on January third.) Levi is losing teeth on a regular basis now. The tooth fairy is going broke in this family! Levi is such a sweet little boy.  He has a wonderful gift of laughter.  He really is a joy.



Oh what a funny and fun little girl.  Elisabeth loves to act and entertain us with different personalities she's created.  One of her (and our) favorites is "granny" who visits us whenever she can "sneak out of the nursing home."  She wears a shawl, a little pink hat, glasses riding low on her nose and her hair wrapped in a bun.  She tells us stories and what expression!  Well, you just have to see for yourself.  Check out the photos at the following link.


Olivia is growing into a young lady...how does this keep happening to our little girls??  I plan to take her on a weekend "Passport to Purity" excursion this spring.  (We started this tradition with Seth when he was about fourteen and have continued with Karena, Charity, and Josiah.  Jacob missed out.  It's really for twleve/thirteen year olds and he just seemed a little beyond the material.)  Olivia is doing so well at the piano, about to start level three.  She loves to sing and isn't shy about it.  She's had several opportunities to sing at church and in a homeschool concert and a talent show at the Air Force Base.  She's a blessing to many people when she does so.


Josiah is quite the jack of many tricks...he rides a unicycle, juggles, is a diaboloist (a diabolo is a Chinese yo-yo), and knows several optical illusions.  I'm trying to convince him to do children's birthday parties.  He's not quite that confident yet, though.  Josiah is right behind Olivia in piano.  Basketball season is underway with games and practices beginning this month. 



Charity is playing the piano in a junior orchestra in Belleville.  This is a new venture but I'm confident she will do quite well and enjoy it.  She really loves playing the piano and practices a lot.  Charity also sings at church, homeschool concerts and in the talent show at the base.  She has really extended her voice range in the past few months.  She loves singing the high notes!



Karena is playing the flute in the orchestra.  She wasn't too confident either, but I know she can do it and I am hopeful that it will be a great experience for the girls.  They are working on "The theme from Exodus," a medley from "Fiddler on the Roof", a really pretty polka piece (believe it or not!) and a couple of other pieces.  Karena is taking an online writing course as part of her last semester of high school.  Writing has not been her forte, so this will really be good for her.  She just finished her first story.  We are anxious to hear what her writing coach has to say. 



Seth is still at Fort Bragg and is hopeful that he will be discharged from the army soon.  He is just waiting to hear what the next step is.  He really feels he's wasting his time in the army and that it's not for him.  When we know what's going to happen I'll update.



Jacob and Jenny met one another last summer while traveling and working on a magazine sales crew and they fell in love.  Jenny was from Palestine, IL (about 3 hours east of us.)  Upon leaving the magazine crew Jenny visited our home several week-ends and then when she needed a place to stay we opened our home to her.  Jacob was planning to be in an apartment by then, but...well, that didn't happen.  Jacob and Jenny both felt sure that God's plan was for them to be together permanently as man and wife and they decided that there was no reason to wait.  So...they informed us one morning that they were going to get a marriage certificate.  They came home and said they were getting married at 3:00 p.m. the next day!  And they did!!  They are doing well, trying to find an apartment in Chester where Jacob works.  Jenny hopes to get a part time job there as well.  We feel very blessed to have Jenny for our son's wife and our daughter-in-law.  Jacob and Jenny really do love each other and make one another happy.  Our whole family loves Jenny.  She's a good fit.