Family Fotos

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Spring/Summer 2008

This is the first time we've done a family photo in a very long time.  It was taken in June of this year in our front yard.  It sure is a job to get that many people to smile at the same time.  This was our best result.Smile

From left to right: Charity, Zac (Karena's fiance), Karena, Josiah, Bobby holding Eli, Robin, Jenny (Jacob's wife), Jacob, Olivia, Seth. In front of Karena is Matthew. In front of Jenny and Jacob we have Jaaron, Elisabeth holding Adin and Levi on the end. (click on photo to enlarge)

Runner-up photo with Adin in a different spot (it's hard to keep a two year old even IN the photo) and the addition of Vera, Seth's little dog.

Bathtime with Jaaron and Adin

Eli wearing Build-a-Bear glasses

a FUNNY face!

Jenny's first sewing project

Yeah! A photo of Seth with a smile! Isn't he handsome?

Waiting for the photographer to get the camera set up

Josiah during warm-up time before his first ping-pong tournament

Matthew's sixth birthday

and Charity's seventeenth!

and sisters make three...funny faces

This one is sort of old, but a favorite of mine..Eli at about 4 months.

Ladies' grandma, sister Wendy, me, sister Julie and Mom