March/April 2007

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Lord willing we will be holding our twelfth little one in our arms before next Christmas! Does anyone else know what they are getting for Christmas yet?



The perrinials are returning! The flowers, the buds on the trees...WARM weather...AHhhh....SPRING has sprung!....and........soon we'll be checking for ticks daily...Spring's downfall. But I (Robin) wouldn't trade our lovely spot in the woods even if I could be rid of ticks....not so sure I can speak for everyone else on that matter.

Adin sure is enjoying being outside.  We have a hard time keeping him in.  He still smiles nearly all the time.  He doesn't really talk much.  Ma-ma (mommy, daddy or anyone else he wants it to be), bo (bottle), ball and do (dog or any other animal...or a leaf blowing across the yard) are about his only words, but he sure understands a lot of what we say. 

Jaaron is also a much happier boy when he can be outside.  Jaaron enjoys chores!  I guess it's his age, but it sure is nice to have one that is actually happy when I say it's chore time. 

Matthew is covered with a poisin ivy type rash already...due to his love of wearing as little clothing as possible even when playing in the woods. I think he's learned a lesson, though...keep the shirt on and wear long pants when wandering off the path. Matthew is the most adventuresome one in the family.  The other day I discovered that he was missing.  After searching the entire house for a possibly sleeping boy and yelling in the woods for a while, it occured to me that he could have gotten into the van with Karena and Charity when they went to exercise.  I called them.  They had been gone for nearly an hour.  Sure enough, he was lying on the floor in the back of the van, hiding, with a big grin on his face.

We survived Levi and Josiah's basketball season with only one cancellation due to snow and ice. The boys really had fun and we all enjoyed watching them. Levi showed us that he CAN move very quickly.  He received a star for being the best defensive player several times.  Photos are posted on our photo site. (Click on photo to the right.)

Elisabeth, still our baby girl, just had her ninth birthday.  For her birthday we went to Chester and had a picnic with Jacob, then when Jenny got off work (Jacob had to go to work) we brought her home to have birthday dinner with us.  It was good to spend the day with them, though it would have been better to spend time with them together.

Olivia is playing the part of a girl who gets miraculously raised from the dead by Jesus in our Easter drama at church.  She loves her role and does a great job. 

Josiah and Bobby have begun the job of clearing a section of the woods. We would like to make a clearing big enough for a small ball field (and maybe some year a garden)...all these boys are going to need a spot to play besides the limited space around the house. We could actually use real bases, rather than trees. Bobby thoroughly enjoys cutting trees down.  Josiah is also playing a role in our church's Easter drama.  He plays a demon-possessed boy who also gets a miraculous healing from Jesus.

Charity has begun her own business. I taught her how to make baby slings one afternoon and she's hoping to make some money. She really does a good job. Check out her advertisement by clicking on the "Baby Slings" page above.  Charity is participating in a homeschool play this spring.  She plays the role of Christie in a play called "Love Never Fails." 

Karena will be graduating from our HERITAGE school this spring.  She is wrapping up a few last requirements we've given her.  She is a very bright and gifted girl and though she has no idea what the Lord's direction is for her at this time, I'm sure when she figures that out she will excel with His favor.

Seth will be coming back to IL soon.  He has sought and is receiving a discharge from the army.  He decided that army life is not for him.  So he will be looking for a job.

Jacob and Jenny moved into an apartment in Chester, IL.  Jacob is still working st Gilster and Jenny has a job at Hardee's.  They recently bought a car! They are very excited about that.  They are doing well...adjusting to married life. J

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